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Cantaloop is an Athens-based digital agency that provides unique solutions in the fields of web and mobile app design, custom web-tool development and digital marketing.

We always commit to providing tailor-made services and products that benefit our clients in all aspects of their image, sales and operation. We go the extra mile in researching, analyzing and proposing high-impact solutions and progressive ideas, focusing equally on creative thinking and solid implementation.

We constantly challenge ourselves to be one step ahead of competition and regularly step on fresh tech-grounds to get there.

— Latest Project

EKKA Yachts


EKKA Yachts is the Ferretti Group exclusive dealer in Greece and provides yachting services around building, purchasing, selling and chartering yachts.

A thorough research into the company’s differentiated clientele led to classifying four different types of website users, each with unique needs and goals. This led to structuring the website accordingly, and designing an exclusive environment for each user type, each with unique design, relevant information, functionality and available actions. The website encompasses many custom implementations and features, such as real-time inter-dependant filters in yacht browsing, interactive itinerary maps, database syncing with partner websites, automatic pdf creation for specs and brochures etc.

Accompanying the website, Cantaloop developed an online back-office platform that provides the company the with numerous useful features for daily operations. These include management of client and crew contacts, yacht history and status, financial data, advanced yacht searches, yacht availability and location data etc.

— Featured Work

Saronic Ferries

Since the beginning of 2014, all major ships to the Saronic islands operate as a consortium. Cantaloop designed the logo and developed a single-page website that reveals more info about each section on demand, in an accordion manner. The site also features an online booking system that was fully designed and developed for the purpose of the website.

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Latsis Foundation

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation is a non-profit organisation that plans, manages, and funds programmes in the fields of education, science, health, culture etc. The website contains a very large amount of differentiated, dynamic content and functionality. After extensive usability tests and research, Cantaloop designed a solid, easy-to-navigate environment, together with a custom CMS that can cover all administration needs.

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Fresh Patisserie

Fresh is the most popular patisserie brand in Athens. Cantaloop designed a fresh single-pager that presents news, information, history and products through a vivid, interactive environment.

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Avax Deco

Founded over 40 years ago, Avax holds the most important position in the Greek brand-name furniture market, representing exclusively leading brands like Roche bobois, Fendi, Baker etc. Cantaloop built a website around the company’s two design concepts: Everyday and Exclusive collections. Apart from presenting detailed information about Avax and all its brands, the website displays a very large amount of products, sorted cleverly according to collection, category and brand.

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The TOC is an online news portal and Web TV, envisioned and run by one of the most respected Greek journalists, Elli Stai. Contrary to most online newspapers, the TOC features a very modern, branded design with distinctive layouts, colors, typography. The content is managed through a fully custom CMS which is flexible enough to adapt to all operational and commercial needs and challenges that arise daily.

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Woman TOC

Woman TOC is a female web portal that covers topics around fashion, beauty, wellness etc. Just like The TOC, it is based on a fully custom CMS.

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